Monday, March 16, 2009

When I grow up...

I wonder how many adults actually become what they wanted to be when they were kids?

We all had a vision of ourselves as adults when we were kids. Some profession that was very appealing to us when we first realised that we would have to do some sort of work in the future.

Mine changed several times as I grew up. The process of deciding what I wanted to do with my life all started after visiting the Durban aquarium with my family. My sister and I were really thrilled by the dolphin show and shortly after being splashed by Flipper (I can't remember his real name) we both decided that we would become... wait for it... Dolphin trainers. Yipee! What fun!

This lasted about a year. In that time my sister and I would constantly bicker about who was the first to decide to become a dolphin trainer and try to convince the other not to do the job (so we could have the dolphins all to ourselves). Eventually I backed off, there were plenty of other cool jobs way better than training dolphins (sobs...). I now had to decide on a new future job. Fortunately my parents took us for an air show and in doing so inspired new hope in my young mind.

I would become... a pilot. Woohoo! Take that sis. Flying aeroplanes in stunts and seeing the world from the heavens would keep me occupied for a long time to come. I remember spending hours fantasizing about all the destinations I would visit. I would even deliberately take the the long route on my walk home from religion classes so I could fly my model aeroplane on 'secret spy missions'.

I also recall wanting to become a toy designer and even a cartoonist in my early teens. These were never really obsessions though. The next obsession was car mechanic. I have a really cool uncle who always visited us with his restored old muscle cars and racing tweaked autos. Alas I was now a teenager and my parents wouldn't even consider me studying towards becoming a grease monkey...

I have a theory. I'm sure the individuals who stuck it out and became what they originally set out to be when they were kids are now the happiest adults. When we are young we express ourselves without thinking about consequences. "That's what I'll do, It'll be fun". This childish impulse is probably a better indication of who we are and what we should do with our lives than a well thought out career path made by a brainwashed grade 10 pupil.

Okay the theory has its flaws, I doubt many kids dream about becoming an accountant and many will be disappointed after finding out that they can't work for Santa Clause. You have to admit though, there is something to this...

I guess I need to chat to someone who has pulled it off.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A showdown at sunset

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My life in a nutshell

I woke up early this morning. It was pitch black. The couple next door just wouldn’t stop rattling about their place. What is the problem with some individuals, don’t they realize the rest of us are trying to sleep? Oh well, I hope they get eaten by something large and ugly!

I noticed a weird smell coming from the basement. It’s probably my brother. Some say that parents always neglect the youngest, especially when there are three of us to take care of and bring up in the house. He is much smaller than us on account of the fact that he is given less to eat. I guess mom figured that she’d rather have two healthy offspring as opposed to three undernourished and feeble ones. I guess we should thank him in a way. It’s just so hard when the guy never leaves his room and smells so bad that we can’t even go in there. I wonder if he is okay?

Yesterday I lost my best friend. We were pretty close. In fact Jeff and I grew up together as neighbours. He was a big lad… I guess it was only a matter of time before he got chosen. The big guys always tend go first.

As for Alfie, my older brother, I’m just sick and tired of staring at his fat arse all day. I swear mom had better get that ceiling fixed soon. I’m going to go crazy here…

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watson the Rhodesian Ridgeback

I have a new dog!

He did have parvo. Thanks to the life saving efforts of one Helen Antelme, Watson is once again a chubby puppy. Thanks Helen!
This photo taken 1.5 weeks ago just after treatment. He has filled out nicely since.

Students these days...Honestly!?

At UKZN we have a mentor program. It is designed to help students that are struggling to understand course work. Mentors are only assigned to classes after being requested for by the students. Fair enough...

So I get requested to mentor a 3rd year class on community ecology. That's understandable, this is probably one of the most advanced undergraduate courses offered here. I decide to sit in on one of their lectures to see how students are responding to and interacting with staff. I also intend to speak to the class and agree on a meeting time and place that suits everyone.

So there I am in the the lecture theater trying to be inconspicuous when I notice one of the guys drawing pictures of boobs in the margins next to his lecture notes. BOOBS! What the hell!!!

It really annoys me when students complain about not understanding the course work. 'It's too difficult' they say 'the lecturer is rubbish' they whine. I know the real reason they don't understand anything is due the fact that they are busy drawing cartoon pornography when they need to be concentrating on what the lecturer has to say.

Sure I'm guilty of not paying attention in class once upon a time. Who can blame me though, it was a statistics course that I was forced to do...