Friday, July 16, 2010

Stop abusing Mandela!

How could one stoop so low as to insult this man!

I gave up listening to the radio a few years ago. Things were getting pretty bad and I couldn’t take it any more:

  1. All the good DJ’s were being canned and replaced with nauseating teens (or adults with teen temperament)
  2. Advertisements ruled the air. I’m sure 90% of the time between rambling-nutter teenage DJ’s was just a swarm of insurance, Coca-cola and CTM tile ad’s.
  3. The other 10% of the time was filled with the monotonous banshee like droning of Rihanna, Beyonce, Shakira, Natasha Beddingfield…

I was quite content listing to my own CD collection and MP3 compilations for a while after I left radio. Then one day I got bored of music and turned on the radio to look for something with which I could drown out the tyre roar from my Corsa on long distance trips. I found SAfm, talk radio. Awesome stuff (apart from the daily soap and Sunday preaching) minimal adverts (the occasional reminder to pay your TV license) and an occasion track from a local band (outdated yes, but familiar and enjoyable most of the time).

I was really pleased with my new FM companion till Nelson Mandela day started encroaching on us. For those unfamiliar with the event:

“Mandela Day is a call to action for people everywhere to take responsibility for making the world a better place, one small step at a time, just as Nelson Mandela did.

Nelson Mandela spent more than 67 years serving his community, his country, and the world at large. On Mandela Day people are called to devote just 67 minutes of their time to changing the world for the better…”

Sure I have no beef with the principles behind Mandela day, It’s a great way to get people to be helpful and blah blah blah… There is one thing that did get to me though. Quite a few companies have seen this as yet another opportunity to take advantage of good natured people by using Mandela in their advertisements. I call these deceitful ad’ campaigns Black Mandela Ops (or BMO’s).

For example

A normal CTM tile advert: “Come to CTM for high quality imported tiles at low low prices. CTM More than you expect for less than you think!”

A BMO’ed CTM tile advert: “2 million children DIED from cold last year because of poorly insulated homes. We at CTM will donate one tile to these children for every 100 tiles that YOU buy to make a difference to their lives. CTM, we care about children, just like Nelson Mandela does. DO YOU?

Example number 2

A normal KFC advert: “The Colonel made sure he always used the finest secret spices and chickens to make KFC. We carry on that tradition with our new rounder burger with a hexagonal bun! KFC, it’s Fickin’ Good.”

A BMO’ed KFC advert: “Nelson Mandela reared chickens when he was a boy growing up in the Transkei. He loved those chickens, they provided eggs and nuggets on the cold winter days when he and his dear old mum were hungry. In fact if it weren’t for chickens Nelson Mandela might have starved to death as a young boy. Imagine a world without Nelson Mandela! We at KFC would HATE to live in THAT world. Thankfully we provide chicken to prevent such a catastrophe from ever happening again in the future. Buy KFC, do it for Madiba.”

Even the Blood donor notices have been BMO’ed: “…Donate blood, or Nelson Mandela will hate you…”

I can’t stand it! Even talk radio has been infiltrated by Black Mandela Ops. The whole 67 minutes thing… I bet there is some red eyed profit monger behind the entire ordeal. People should be nice to other (deserving) people all the time. Not just for 67 minutes for one day every year! I hate that Mandela’s good name is being used for promoting all this rubbish. People have lost the plot!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh NO! Facebook Spam!

Today I got this message from Jessica (Who the heck are you woman!!!???) Marie on facebook.



Subject: heyy :)

hey, im jessica and my friend jenny and I were just browsing profiles and we found yours.

we liked what we saw ;)

you should add us on yahoo so we can all chat, the sn is


Okay, so from what I gather these girls like browsing through facebook profiles till they find one that they fancy. They then proceed to PM you and try get you to join their silly flirt chat room or something.

Seeing as this is my profile picture!!!!

I can only come to the conclusion that:

A – I’m being stalked by a Simpsons character (one that likes bearded fat bald men!)


B – Facebook is now a haven for Spammers!


and another thing! Are there REALLY guys out there that want to 'permanently increase the length and girth' of their penis 'forever'? If so will they trust a man named Sultan Happy to carry out the procedure!!!??? STOP SPAMMING! NOBODY CARES!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good news everyone!

It isn’t everyday that one’s favorite TV show goes back on the air a few years after it was cancelled (in fact I’m pretty sure that has never happened to me before). Pleasantly surprised was I when I found out that Futurama has been given another chance! Yes mortals, ‘Planet Express’ delivery service has been re-issued with a license to fly in Futurama season 6.

"With my last words I curse ZOIDBERG!" Prof. Hubert Farnsworth

The more fanatical of you (but not fanatical enough) will be asking about season 5? Where did it go? Did we all miss it? Was it skipped? No! In fact season 5 was never aired in South Africa (and our 56k internet wouldn’t hear of us downloading such insanely large 100mb+ files! I mean imagine the length of the phone call!!!). No, season 5 was actually made up of four Futurama movies which Fox decided to hack into 20 minute episodes and label ‘season 5’. Season 6 picks up where the last of the movies ends off.

For those unfamiliar with Futurama: It’s the year 3000 in the city of New New York, we find ourselves here after Fry, a pizza delivery boy, got mistakenly cryogenically frozen while delivering a pizza to one Mr. I.C. Wiener on New Year’s Eve 1999. Fry thaws and begins his new life in the future. Space travel, Aliens, Lasers, hover-thingys and celebrity heads preserved in jars ensue in this Simpson style parody of pretty much every science fiction plot out there. In short, this show is by nerds and geeks, for geeks and nerds; a triumphant series by Matt Groening and the brilliant David X. Cohen.